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Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS) – Ireland

TAMS II first opened in June 2015 and is set to run until December 2020. This scheme is co-funded by the EU and the national exchequer under the Rural Development Programme (2014-2020) with a total allocation of over €395m over its duration. TAMS II aims to provide farmers with grant aid to improve and/or build a specific range of farm buildings or purchase equipment that may benefit their farm businesses.

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Special Countryside Productivity Small Grant (CPSG) Grant Offer

Shepherdsmate Race will quality under SG27 mobile sheep handling system with road legal trailer cost from £4,900.

We can also offer additional equipment such as integrated weigh crate (SG29), Sheep Handler (SG30) and (SG35) EID Hand Held device ( Stick Reader) which can be fitted to the core race for £2,600.

When applying make sure to apply for SG27 and SG35 to receive the minimum amount of grant of £3000 on a spend of £7500. SG 27 can be used as a fixed sheep handling system.

View our Mobile/Yard Sheep Race Videos for more information.

For more information on our Special Grant Offer contact us on Tel: 07900 228615 | 07935 020876 or Email: sales@shepherdsmate.com

Round 2

The Countryside Productivity Small Grant scheme Round 2 is now open.

Farmers can apply for funding towards specific items of equipment listed at Annex 3 of the Countryside Productivity Small Grants scheme Round 2 handbook.

All the items have been identified following consultation with industry groups and suppliers as helping achieve improvements in either:

  • technical efficiency
  • animal health and welfare
  • resource efficiency, or
  • nutrient management

Who can apply

Farmers (including livestock, dairy, arable and horticultural sectors) can apply for this grant. Please read the Round 2 handbook below to find out more. This scheme is only open to farmers based in England.

Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme (CPSG) Round 2 Handbook (PDF, 854KB, 83 pages)

When you can apply

The Countryside Productivity Small Grant scheme Round 2 is open between 9 July 2019 and midday on 3 September 2019.

Item No. Sheep Specific Equipment Specification Standard Cost
SG27 Mobile Sheep Handling Systems System capable of holding and handling a minimum of 250 sheep with the aim to allow farmers to handle sheep on blocks of ground away from the main holding.
Must include a gathering pen, forcing pen, drafting race, dosing race, side pens, the ability to fit footbath.
The integrated trailer must be road legal.
All metal work must be either galvanised or powder coated. Painted crushes are not eligible.
SG28 Fixed Sheep Handling Systems Fixed sheep handling system consisting of a gathering pen, forcing pen, drafting race, dosing race, side pens and the ability to fit plastic footbath.
System capable of holding a minimum of 100 sheep.
All metal work must be either galvanised or powder coated. Painted crushes are not eligible.
SG29 Electronic Weigh Crate Electronic weigh crate with Electronic Weigh System.
The weigh system will be a digital weighing device with the ability to record individual animals and track the live weight gains.
The system will be compatible for use with EID.
SG30 Sheep Handler Crate or clamp style sheep handler for efficiently dagging, dosing and sorting sheep. £3273
R2-SG69 EID Panel (race) Reader for Sheep Single antenna with static / race reader, with bluetooth connection.
Must be able to read HDX and FDX B tags.
SG34 EID Hand Held Recorder Device EID handheld device with RFID technology for individual reeading and recording of animals, must be able to record information including breeding, births, weights, treatments, movements.
Must be capable of exporting data to a computer based software package for the active monitoring of livestock.
SG35 EID Hand Held Device (stick reader) EID hand held device (stick reader) with RFID technology for individual reading of animals.
Must be capable of scanning tags and storing data, with the ability to connect wirelessly to phones or other devices.
Must be able to read HDX and FDX B tags.
Item No. General Livestock Specific Equipment Specification Standard Cost
SG7 Electronic Weigh System (all species) Digital weighing device with the ability to record individual animals and track the live weight gains must have the functionality to operate with auto drafting.

The device must have the ability to be connected to a computer or mobile device to download collected informatin.

Weigh bars are separate item (see below)

SG8 Weigh Bars (all species) Load bars or a platform to operate with cattle crushes, sheep or pig crates.

Capable of weighting up to 2000kg.


Leader Grant – England and Scotland

A total of £138 million has been made available between 2015 and 2020 under the LEADER grant scheme. We are aware that there is LEADER grant money available for agricultural business. This grant money is discretionary and is allocated locally. You can apply to your Local Action Group (LAG) for funding for projects that create jobs, help your business to grow, and benefit the rural economy.

Please visit below sites for more information:

Countryside Stewardship Grant

Available for Higher Tier. Only in conjunction with a land management option and if:

  • a new management regime is being introduced on the site
  • a substantial change in grazing management is needed
  • livestock handling facilities are essential for carrying out the associated land management option


Welsh Farm Business Grant

The Welsh Government’s Farm Business Grant (FBG) will open ten windows for grant applications over the next four years as part of a £40 million pound allocation of grant funding available to farmers.

  • Applicants only get one opportunity to apply for funding over the four year period in one of the 10 application windows
  • First application window opens from 2nd May until 30th June 2017
  • 500 applicants will be accepted for the first application window with a decision made on successful applications by 2nd August
  • Applicants must attend a ‘Farming for the Future’ roadshow and business turnover must not exceed £1million
  • Grant allocation will range from a minimum of £3,000 based on a £7,500 spend up to a maximum grant of £12,000 based on a £30,000 spend

Visit the Welsh Government Website for the ‘Farming for the Future’ roadshow dates or call the Farming Connect Service Centre on 08456 000 813. E-Mail FBG@wales.gsi.gov.uk for further details on application criteria and guidance notes.