Forcing Pen


A circular forcing pen is situated behind the race to hold the sheep in place before guiding them into the race.

Shepherdsmate Sheep Forcing Pen with swing and slide gate:

  • Swing and slide gate which passes through a pivot wheel and behind next batch of sheep
  • 16 foot in diameter forcing pen
  • Sheeted to limited sheep’s view, enticing her to run up the race
  • Clockwise motion which reduces size of pen and entices sheep up the race
  • Slide bolt is built into the gate at each end
Shepherdsmate Mobile or Fixed Yard Sheep Handling Race with 3 way Drafting and optional features and equipment - forcing pen

Key Uses

  • Guiding sheep into the race
  • Quick flow of sheep
  • Light-weight and easy to assemble
  • Quick pack-up after use

While placed in the forcing pen, the sheep cannot look out and therefore does not get distracted by other sheep or general movement outside the pen. This makes them enter the race faster and encourages them to flow in the direction of the race.

The Shepherdsmate forcing pen has curved vertical sides, which encourages sheep to progress along and funnels them in the direction of the race.

The swing and slide gate moves in a clockwise direction until the pen is empty and then you slide the gate through its own hinge which means you are not pulling the gate against the incoming sheep and you are able to fill your forcing pen again.