Project Description


The Main Shepherdsmate Mobile Sheep Handling Race features the following:

  • The main unit is 2.4m long with a 2.4m lead in ramp fitted with non-return flaps
  • 3 Way Drafting Gates, one-hand operation – leaving second hand free to manually check sheep
  • Sheep are standing at hand height – minimises risk of back strain
  • Fitted with wide Road Wheels for moving from farm to farm
  • No removal of wheels or drawbar prior to use
  • Lockable Bradley hitch to prevent theft
  • Fixed LED lighting system
  • Can carry up to 25 Hurdle Gates on unit
  • Hydraulic pump system used to raise and lower handling unit
  • Handling Unit can be fixed in yard
  • Non-return flaps to control forward movement of sheep
  • Additional 2.4m long PVC Footbath can be added if required