Digital Weighing

Mobile or Yard Digital Sheep Weighing. The weighing is integrated into the system which allows you to make informed management decisions for drafting and allows you greater monitoring of your flock’s condition.

Shepherdsmate- EID Weighing Tru-Test

Tru-Test Products

Shepherdsmate Mobile / Yard Race comes with either:

  • Tru-Test S3
  • Tru-Test EziWeigh 7i
  • Tru-Test XR 5000
  • Tru-Test ID 5000
  • Dini Argeo DFWLB
Shepherdsmate- EID Weighing Tru-Test

Subject to your requirements.

  • All Weighers are blue tooth compatible to EID Wand / Tag Reader or Panel Reader.
  • Multiple software packages can be used.
  • It is possible to record and draft on weight or flock management.
Shepherdsmate Sheep Handling Race compatible with Tru-Test digitial weighing and EID equipment

William is using a Tru-Test Ezi-Weigh 7i and an Agrident AWR300 EID Reader to weigh and draft his lambs.