Sheep Handling Race

Shepherdsmate Sheep Handling Race Makes Handling Sheep Into A Low Stress, Comfortable Husbandry Operation.

Ivan Scott World Record Sheep Shearer | Very Versatile Sheep Handling Unit

The compact Shepherdsmate sheep handler can be used as a static or mobile handling unit.

The main handler unit has vertical sides narrower at the bottom and wide at the top with a unique three-way drafting gate. It incorporates a stop gate with one-hand operation, leaving the second-hand free to condition score sheep as they pass through. A foot pedal operates the back gate. Sheep are standing at operator hand height and has full vision of sheep.

Shepherdsmate- Sheep Weighing
Shepherdsmate- Sheep Drafting

There are two rubbers fitted on side of the unit to avoid damage to sheep when a rollover is fitted. The back of the handler is covered with a rubber grip which is needed when the squeeze clamp is fitted.

The chequered plate floor is fitted with four load cells which are wired to weigh head and are Bluetooth to the EID reader. The three-way drafting gate, after the weigher, allows sheep to be drafted into three separate pens.

There is a vertical pole for the attachment bracket to hold the shearing machine and a rope attachment for operating the guillotine gate to exit the footbath. On the top of unit, there are two shelves for holding small items and two dosing hooks.

The race ramp has vertical sheet sides, fitted narrow at the bottom and wide at the top with an expanded metal floor which is self-cleaning and non-return flaps. The sheep has a clear view through the handler on entry.

Ivan Scott - Shepherdsmate- World Record Sheep Shearer